Research Blog 2
My research gathering has far accelerated as compared to the slow going of last week. I am very grateful for Troy, the military researcher who so graciously commented on my blog earlier this week. With any luck I should be able to receive some sort of interview from him whether it be Skype based, or an email interview. He supplied me with websites far more beneficial than those which I had been working with before, and even if they hadn’t have been, it was really cool to see, and know that a real world researcher really did care about my work. I am really excited about this project, it has been, and I can tell it will continue to be on of the most fun projects I do in my high school career. I am very much enjoying the freedom that I have received with this project, and am greatly enjoying the reading I have received from What Was Asked of Us. I am still working on my research, as I still have much to do, and I do not have it organized at the moment, but I assume that I will begin doing that soon enough. Working with Evernote has been a breeze, and a luxury, I am very grateful that we have been bestowed with the privilege of using this wonderful program. It has helped me so much with speed of information gathering, because it allows me to choose exactly what I need, and exactly what I find relevant, instead of going through pages upon pages of information that has little to no use to me.