I-Search Paper:  What I Wanted to Find Out: Research Questions

Nolan W.

Prosthetics in the military

March 26, 2010

Class Period 5th

I wanted to know what happened to soldiers that go home disabled with wounds and amputations that required them to have prosthesis. I wanted to know how their lives were affected, but I wanted to have a deep look into a disabled veteran’s life and have more than just a superficial understanding in what goes on. I wanted to know how the injury affected the soldiers’ lives, and know if they attempted to return to the life they once had, such as attempting to re learn how to play sports with their handicap. I wanted to see if I could figure out how the family is affected by the disability, how they are respected in daily life. I wanted to know what this disability limited or allowed the soldier to do. More than that, I wanted to see what prosthesis technology there was available to veterans, and how well received the prosthetics are. I wanted to know how far the technology has come, and how different leg, hand, arm, and other prosthetics are. Along with those things, I wanted to know what the army offers to its soldiers, and if any funding is put towards the research, or the implementation of these devices.