Research Blog 3

This week I continued to search in depth for resources and information that I could use in my Netvibes page, and continued to research into general prosthetics. This week has been particularly bountiful in terms of information, because I have found a lot of new articles, companies, and websites that relate to prosthetics research, development, and history. Sadly though, I have reached somewhat of a speed bump as there are not many particles that relate to the social and home lives of disabled veterans, so finding an in depth story on the lifestyle change that a soldier must undergo once returning from war is going to be hard.  I received a lot of information from my real world expert Troy Turner, and hopefully will be able to attain some form of interview from him. Troy provided me with several websites loaded with information, and among them he had the company he currently works for, and his very useful Google reader shared items page that is specifically dedicated to prosthetics and research. Over spring break I found out that one of my cousins is currently going to school for prosthetics, and that he is doing an internship in prosthetics, so I intend to use his knowledge in this project.  I plan to move on to working on the Presentation Zen items soon, and I am currently deciding which items I will create so that I can get an early start on those. I am thoroughly pleased with the topic I am researching, and am excited about presenting it soon.