Netvibes Narrative
So far on my Netvibes page, I have added quite a few widgets. I added the RSS feed to Troy Turner’s Google reader page, as it has been incredibly helpful in my research process. Next to that, I have the GALE links widget which is the hyperlinks to three of the more popular GALE resources. I have added the RSS feed from my blog, as well as the RSS feed to the comments posted on my blog, so that if anyone is interested in my project, they have the links and correspondence from the rest of the project. Along with those, I have added the RSS to my Evernote account, and it displays the most interesting raw research I found online.
Under that, is the Lib Guides link, and RSS to the class announcements in case anyone wants to see what my peers and teachers did as well. Lastly, at the very bottom of the page I have added the Creative Commons widget so that should anyone decide to note my work, I get some credit for what I had done. I am currently working on a photos tab, and I plan on adding a video and multimedia tab.