Multigenre Musings

Event Recipe: Doing an event recipe on military prosthetics would be interesting. To create a powerful recipe though, I would have to keep everything as realistic as possible, but have plenty of details. Doing this would make me think throughout the entire process of getting prosthesis, from inciting incident, to daily life. I like the idea of an event recipe, because it is a very original way to portray a very rough summary of something, in an entertaining artful way.

Message in a bottle: I think that doing a message in a bottle would be an interesting experience, because I would be writing a heartfelt letter to a prosthesis patient whom I have never met, nor will I ever meet. The only downside I see to this multigenre element is that it would likely not reach an actual prosthesis patient. I think that it would have been pretty interesting if everyone in the class did a message in a bottle, and then get to see what everyone else wrote to a veteran.

Music Playlist: I am a very music oriented person, and I think that creating a playlist for this book would be fun. I am not sure if I would create it for a character, for the book, or prosthesis patients in general. There are so many different types and styles of music that I think creating an accurate playlist for any of the options listed above would be a good project.

Text message transcript: Texting is being used evermore increasingly in our society, and is becoming one of the primary ways to make casual conversation. If I were to do a text message transcript, I would do it from the perspective of a solder keeping in touch with a close high school friend. Something along the lines of a high school graduate going straight into the military, keeping in touch with his best friend back at home, who is going to college. It would be interesting to create such a transcript, because it would not surprise me if such situations are not uncommon.


Glogster: Doing a Glogster would be a cool and visually appealing project. I could create a page based on prosthesis patients, and display the most interesting prosthetic limbs and abilities. The only problem with this project is that in doing so, I would be doing little more than creating a visually appealing project, but there would be very little emotion in it, and it would be a shame to let that happen after I have put as much effort into this as I have.