Nolan Williamson

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Thus far in my project, I have been using Troy Turner’s Google Reader account as my primary source of information. I got to the Google Reader account because Troy actually sent the link to his account to me over a WordPress comment. His reader is devoted solely to prosthetics, so I was able to find meaningful military prosthesis articles all throughout his page. His entire reader account has value to my research, because there is not a single posting in there that is unrelated to prosthesis, and or the military. Troy is a real world expert in my field of research, and as such, he clearly knows what is going on in the world of prosthesis. on top of that,most of the websites listed on the reader are from government, news, or educational websites, so I believe that they are credible coming from him. I must extend my excessive thanks to him for generously providing me with this goldmine of information, without it I could not have possibly attained all of those sources in the time frame given
I believe that over the last month, more than anything, I think I have learned better time management. Before, I would procrastinate, and put every possible thing away until the last minute. This time around, I feel that I really made a change, and used my time better. I realized that it is easier to just get a good product, and then relax, than it is to put it until the last possible second and turn in a simply acceptable work. I have used this skill in the project by getting the reading out of the way, and writing papers days before they were due, so that I had time to correct them, or on occasion scrap them completely for a separate idea. I am quite proud of this accomplishment, and hope to continue in this way of working.