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Nolan W.
Research Blog 3

This week I have completely solidified my topic, and I can (and have) begin doing the prewriting steps of my research paper. I now know exactly how to go about doing this project, and am now completely comfortable with it. The research question is,”How has Genocide affected countries that it occurs in?”  My research question has not changed since my last post, as I have decided that it is completely appropriate for the subject matter, closely related to the assigned book, and a broad enough question that can be answered and written about in great detail in a research paper. In my last post I made the comment that civil war is not being publicized or documented well, but I found as a rather large surprise to me, that genocide is not being well documented either, and is being horribly publicized. I am currently working on the shaping sheet for the research paper, and it is coming along quite smoothly, and surprisingly easy to organize. In the last paper I wrote, I actually drafted the paper before I used the shaping sheet (I later wrote a second paper after using the sheet), and now that I have done it in the correct order, I can see how much easier this paper is going to be to write if I utilize this sheet. I have realized since my last post just how much of a blessing Google docs has been to me. I do not have any Microsoft programs on my dad’s company laptop, (the company president does not like Microsoft, as he was part of a team that attempted to make a competing set of programs) and my home computer is from the early 90’s and is QUITE slow, so using Microsoft Word, and the Internet at the same time is a stretch for it. With Google Docs I can use either computer, or really any computer with Internet access for that matter, and not have to worry about programs, and as an added bonus I have most of the material I need already contained in my Google Docs portfolio.


Nolan W.
Research Blog

This week in my research has been the starting week, and I have been gathering resources, as well as sources, and general information. So far I have been using the resources provided on the media center website. The primary resource I have been using is Global issues in context, and I’m pretty sure it will be my primary resource. I do feel a little bit lost, as I do not have a complete understanding of what I’m supposed to be looking for, but I’m sure I can figure it out, and if not, I’ll just ask one of the teachers. My topics are genocide, and civil war. I have been looking more into genocide because it seems to be a larger topic, and sorting through which sources in the civil war section are relevant to my paper is time consuming. There is not a whole lot of genocide going on in the world outside of Rwanda and Darfur, so finding information that I can cite is somewhat of a hassle. I am rather disturbed with just how much death and murder has gone on unspoken of from countries, and uninterviened by other countries. The only way I have generally heard about such events is through causes trying to get money to stop the violence. Nobody outside the supporters of these organizations, and outside of the countries they are happening to. After I get a heavier grasp of how this research project works, and have a solidified group of sources, I will be able to write more useful and more information filled blogs.