Category: Reflections

Using blogging, there really are good things you can do for the outside world.

The most interesting thing one can do through social media, i thought was Supporting causes.

If i were to raise awarness, I would probably use video, and blogging the most because you can convey the most information in an entertaining and informative way.

     I felt pretty good about the two articles I responded to. One of my articles was broad, and about social media and education. My other article was much more specific, and about the use of YouTube with education. I learned that normal websites not at all designed for education can be used in an educational environment, and promote creativity and critical thinking. By taking time to respond to a persons article post, I learned that not everyone likes the idea of using social media websites in this way. a common idea that is emerging is that most young students ARE on-board with the use of these websites. I couldn’t have learned as much, because I was able to read many more articles that others had found. In a normal teaching style, I would have had to track down each individual in order to read their article and summary.

     I chose my two articles by looking for one broad subject on social networking and education, and finding another, more specific article on the same subject through google. I felt good about the two articles I chose because they pertained to the subject matter, and were informative. If given the chance, I would recommend both articles to someone else. I would defiantly use the articles in a research paper, because they both had enough information for a more formal project. One of the important ideas I got out of the articles was that teachers have and are already using this technology, it is now a matter of getting other schools to get more up to date. The articles were very informative, and left me with no questions.