The library is one of the most important areas in a school and i don’t know how anyone can get away with completely cutting the funding to one. I love Creekview’s library, and use it more than I have at any other school.

Our library is a place where a student can go and do whatever he/she pleases. A student can go to the library during down time, and get work done from almost any class using as many of the plentiful resources as they please. As student’s we have access to more than 1500 books that we can gather information from, or read for entertainment. We have access to a ton of computers all with high-speed internet connections, and loaded with many programs that students can use. Students can also get help from one of the many librarians in the library almost all day. One of the best parts of our library is that it can be used as a get-away from the stress of school. We can relax on the couches, and read, draw, or even do a puzzle. Our library Rocks!